Month: July 2018

Walking with Wounded Children

Background The South Sudanese civil war started in December 2013 after fallout between President Salva Kiir and Vice-President Riek Machar, which caused Machar to resign and lead rebel forces against Kiir’s government. A peace agreement was achieved in early 2016, but the conflict erupted again in July that year. According to the United Nations, there …

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Business and Life Coaching

Ethical principles in coaching When working with people, their lives, values, dreams, future etc there is always the possibility of misunderstanding, misconduct, abuse and mistreatment. Not only can it bring harm to the client, but also to the coaching environment and industry. High ethical standards, values and code of conduct are therefore necessary. The International …

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The World needs a Father

From the “State of South Africa’s Fathers” – Report 2018 ( “I wanted to know that I mattered” I wrote a note to my father for fathers’ day. I was six years old. “Daddy’s happy. Daddy loves me.” It’s what I told myself every day. It’s what I believed. I never knew my mother; she died a …

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