Theunis & Magda Scheepers

Our Mission

We build healthy homes and workspaces through healing relationships, equipping:

Caregivers to be trustworthy helpers for hurting children.

Spouses to love and respect one another, and

Leadership teams to make their workspace more connected and compassionate for team members.

We do this through facilitating the following workshops:

  • Trauma Awareness and Response Workshop
  • Walking with Wounded Children Workshop
  • God, My Baby and Me Workshop
  • Dad’ Talk and The Mother Design Workshop
  • Compassionate Communication Workshop

Our Vision

We want to see healthy homes and workspaces restored through healing relationships,

Where hurting children will have a primary caregiver that they can trust,

Where desperate spouses in broken homes will find ways to respect and love one another, and

Where toxic workplaces will become spaces for connectedness and compassion.

Work With Us

to see healthy communities restored through healing relationships with hurting children, in broken homes and in toxic workplaces by inviting us to present one or more workshops (See Services) in your community.