Theunis & Magda Scheepers

We are passionate about processes realizing the potential in people and empowering them.

Theunis is a Law graduate with extensive experience working in cross cultural contexts, where he lead people in a facilitative way. He can bring people together around a common vision and goal. 

He brings leaders of families and in business to a broad and spacious place, helping them to find purpose and perspective through equipping, mentoring and coaching.


Magda,  a qualified nursing sister, is a caregiver, a supporter and a team player.  

She helps woman and children, by bringing discernment, wisdom and council into their lives.

Our Mission

We bring purpose and perspective to a new generation of leaders in the areas of Business and Family Life through Coaching, Mentoring, Facilitating and Teaching.

Our Vision

We dream that a new generation of leaders in the spheres of business and family life, will live with purpose and perspective, making a positive difference in these spheres.

Work With Us

By Changing One Life At A Time