A “Disruptive Event” is described as any event that could potentially transform our personal lives into one of chaos, distress, confusion, or all of the above.

Returning home after the outreach to Turkey was not easy. The experiences I had in Turkey was worlds apart from the reality I returned to. I had to immediately return to my duties as additional magistrate administering justice in criminal cases in the magistrate court in Cradock.

Magda and the kids had a good time at Petra Institute in White River. Hardus came home with a lot of new songs and rhymes and Magda was inspired by her quiet time. She was able to spend good time praying for the nations, and God comforted her through the Bible passages she was reading, speaking of His protection and provision in all circumstances.

Despite things turning to normal very quickly we knew we had an elephant in the room. The outreach to Turkey caused confusion in our minds. As I started sharing my experiences with Magda and other friends, we realized that the impact the experiences had on us was bigger than what we would like to admit.

I was in good space enjoying my work. I was barely 30 years old and had a good future in the Department of Justice. Magda had a good position working as Nursing sister in the Department of Correctional Services but it was a very stressful environment. Generally speaking, we were enjoying life. But. I was not content, We tried to understand where Turkey fit into the picture.

Magda lived herself into my stories and experiences in Turkey to the extend that she was almost more passionate in sharing these stories than I was. We were feeling more and more that we could not continue with our lives as if Turkey did not happen. We had to address the growing distress and confusion threatening to disrupt our lives.

Accepting that we needed to make some changes to our lives is one thing, but what it should look like is another story. What else can a magistrate and a registered nurse do for God? I considered studying Theology, but decided to study law because I felt certain that the world does not need more pastors. I wanted to bring Light into the law profession, but now I was not sure any more.

One day, towards the end of July, I saw an advertisement in a church publication. The Dutch Reformed Church in Halfway House, Midrand were looking for a Church Administrator. Looking at the description and requirements I felt excited. I can do this! With nothing else to consider, we decided that I should apply for the position. After prayerful consideration my application was submitted and we felt relieved and hopeful that this was the answer to our desire to serve God in new capacities.