Feedback from Walking with Wounded Children Training at Khula Development Group: 11-15 March 2019

8 April 2019

To whom it may concern

Theunis and Magda Scheepers presented the “Walking with wounded children” training at Khula Development Group from 11-15 March 2019.

This training was attended by 10 employees from Khula Development Group and the feedback from the employees regarding the training was very positive.

The content of the material was very informative and relevant. The training manual was sufficient and very user friendly. They also provided each participant with a set of cards and a sandbox for the sandbox technique which enabled the participants to practice this technique with a child.
The workshop was presented in a very interactive and practical manner which allowed the participants to take part in the training and incorporate their new gained knowledge into practical steps. This type of presentation style made the workshop very interesting and fun.

The facilitators were well prepared and presented the workshop in a very professional way. They were well equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to present this workshop. Theunis and Magda’s warm personalities reflected their passion to make a difference in the lives of children which was evident throughout the week. They presented the workshop with enthusiasm and their zeal transferred to all the participants.
Some of the comments from the participants include the following:

  • “It is healing to play and as an adult I’ve found healing to play in the sand and to portray my own story.”
    “The importance of a healed community and love and trust is the glue that helps to fix a broken community.”
  • “I’ve experienced the touch of God during our sessions. Thank you for this amazing experience and hopefully I can now make that difference though love and education and a sandbox… by God’s grace, I humbly accept this challenge.”
  • “I understand trauma better and learned how to help the individual and community.”
  • “The knowledge, attitude and skills needed were exercised in a practical way.”
  • “The workshop was very insightful and the role plays helped a lot to practice the techniques.”

I would definitely recommend Theunis and Magda as facilitators and this training for any organisation that would like to make a bigger difference in the community they work with.

Kind regards,
Carien van Zyl
(Principal Social Worker)

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