Our life during lockdown

Looking back over our time in the refugee camp in Uganda (November 2019-Januarie 2020) we realized that it had been a kind of lockdown period. We were isolated from everything that were known to us and we had to learn to think and live differently during that time. We learnt to observe carefully what was happening around us. We also learnt to listen more intently to the stories and discussions of the people around us, experiencing deep trauma. We learnt to reserve our own opinions and responses until we were sure that we have observed and listened well.

We returned to our home here in Welgemoed in February 2020 and started working on a plan for 2020. We contacted all our clients from 2019 and sought opportunities to present the services we offer as STAND FIRM Enterprises.  (www.standfirm.co.za) All our initial plans for contact training and coaching was however thwarted when we were put under lockdown in March 2020.  

Suddenly we were thrown into an unknown situation where we had to think and live differently than before. We realized that the time in the refugee camp in Uganda prepared us for a time such as this in our own country.

Here are some of the things we experienced and learned during this time:

🙃 Although interest in our own services declined, we gor more involved on the following networks: “The World needs a Father” network (https://www.theworldneedsafather.com/south-africa/), the Call42 Network (http://www.call42.co.za/) and the Integer Network SA (https://www.integernetwork.com/)

🤹‍♀️ We are still enjoying it to journey with people feeling stuck in their personal lives, careers or business lives, even if it is only virtually possible. To train people to help others remains a passion!

👨‍👨‍👧 We have done more Strengthsfinder Coaching via Skype than ever before. It remains one of our preferred keys to unlock the potential of many people.

⏰ Theunis started a blog and he is writing stories about our experiences over 25 years in pursuit of our calling. ( https://www.wemeander.net/blog) This is short stories in chronological order and there still many stories to write.

J We are also working with Crises Response Network (https://crisisresponsenetwork.net/) to raise awareness and funds for the situation in the refugee camps in Uganda.

♥️ We are privileged to live with our children and their spouses at the same address. We are all healthy and in good spirit!

We still desire to help leaders in business and family life, to live with purpose and perspective, making a positive difference in these spheres.