Taking the CliftonStrengths assessment is just the beginning of your strengths development journey. I encourage you to think of your strengths as continuous rather than a one-time effort to check the box.

(Haven’t taken the CliftonStrengths assessment yet? Start here. You can complete the assessment in 30 minutes and be ready to go for 2021.)

Here are three CliftonStrengths goals for you that will help you to care for your strengths regularly. 

Goal #1: Invest in Yourself!

Develop Your CliftonStrengths Knowledge: Your Report, Domains and More

Nurture your knowledge by taking another look at your CliftonStrengths report. Maybe you’ve known your strengths for a while now, maybe you’ve even been through some coaching — whatever the case, take time to go back and pore over your reports. You may be surprised at how your recent experiences reframe your perspective of your strengths in action! 

The four domains are the natural way to group CliftonStrengths based on how the themes help people work together to accomplish goals. Commit to learning more about your leading domain and, in turn, better understand your strengths. 

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Go Deeper…

Goal #2:  Name, Claim and Aim Your Strengths to Make Measurable Life Changes 

“Too many people have identified their talents but have failed to change their awareness, let alone their behavior.” 

Looking at the strengths on your report is not enough if you want to see behavioral changes. You must find ways to measure achievement that relate to your performance. Try starting here:

Name it: Acknowledge your specific CliftonStrengths. 

Claim it: List crucial insights about each strength that are true for you. 

Aim it: Leverage your talents as strengths to accomplish your goals. Put your strengths to work. 

Set Stronger Goals….

Goal #3:  Set Strengths-Based Goals with Continued Development in Mind 

“When you are familiar with your strengths, you can use them to fulfil your expectations. So, you must be sure that as you shape your expectations, you consider what your strengths are.”

– Don Clifton 

These three considerations will be helpful when deciding on how to develop your CliftonStrengths: 

– Consider how your goals are helping you generate a deeper awareness of your strengths. 

– Think about where you invest in developing your strengths and talents. 

– Reflect on the ways you’re applying your strengths meaningfully and how that application will lead to the accomplishments you hope to achieve.

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