Business and Life coaching:

Business and Life coaching: A journey from stuckness to hope…..
Theunis qualified as a business and life coach in August 2010 after being trained by VIP Leadership and Strategic Coaching Institute.

Theunis will guide you towards future focused outcomes and achievement in business, integrated with personal development and empowerment that will lead to social responsibility and impacting society.

Facilitating processes related to business / organizational development:

Theunis has experience in Facilitative Leadership and in the facilitation of processes with the purpose to maximize potential in people and the level of effectiveness in organizations.

Theunis will help you within your specific context to grow, to integrate and to achieve greater effectiveness.

1 x Session (Minimum)     90 minutes (Maximum / session)

R500-00 per session (90 minutes)

(Can be presented through on-line platforms)

Strengths Coaching

Theunis is qualified as a Talent Guide using the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment in coaching individuals and small groups in developing natural talents and strengths to increase personal effectiveness to provide consistent, near perfect performance in any given activity.

Raise your Self-awareness and benefit from better relationships.

1 x Session (Minimum)     90 minutes (Maximum / session)

R500-00 per session

Follow-up sessions @ R500 per session

(Can be presented through on-line platforms)

Strength-Based Marriage

Building a stronger relationship by understanding each other’s gifts

This course offers a unique approach to couples preparing for marriage to understanding yourself, your spouse and the mystery of marriage, based on the book “Strength-Based Marriage” by Jimmy Evans and Allan Kelsey, excerpts from “Laughing your way to a better marriage” and experience after more than 30 years in one marriage

Ideal for couples preparing for marriage or couples struggling to understand each other.

6 x Sessions (Minimum; 90 – 120 minutes/session)

R2500-00 (including CliftonStrengths online assessment codes)

Follow-up sessions @ R300 per session

(Can be presented through on-line platforms)

Walking with Wounded Children Workshop 

providing primary psychosocial support for children who are emotionally wounded

Course Description:

The purpose of the course is to provide skills, knowledge and values for people working regularly with children (Ages 5-12) to support emotionally wounded children on a primary level.  The course introduces the participants to:

·         understanding trauma and its effects and assessing emotionally wounded children

·         principles of healing relationships and active listening

·         skills and tools to assist in the support of emotionally wounded children 

·         a theological framework for faith-based psychosocial support of emotionally wounded children

The World needs a Father and The Mother Design workshop:

The Dads Talk and The Mother Design workshop

The World Needs A Father movement is training communities of men to understand the value of their roles as fathers, and giving them the tools to train other men around them, so that as heaven splashes down in their home, the ripples flow through their community.

The Mother Design training content empower the mothers too.

Can be presented on online-platforms


Only direct costs related to venue, meals material and transport


Walking with Wounded Children Training: UGANDA 2020
Testimony of a South Sudanese Church leader on the effect of the training on him and his family:
Feedback from a South Sudanese Church leader: