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It is time to bring this year to a close.

A friend mentioned that her life feels as if it is unraveling at this time. It is silly season and for many of you it is still helter – skelter to get everything done before the festive season can start. We live our lives at full speed and if we have to express it in terms of km/h, many of us will be exceeding the speed limit!

We were challenged at our weekly community meeting to share daily with one another what we belief God is saying to us. One lady said: “I just wave at Him every morning. And He waves back at me!

What if she got His hand signals all wrong? What if He is signalling her to slow down, but she is moving too fast to spot the difference? The difference between “wave” and “warn” is great and can be life-threatening.

God showed us that He prefers to walk when He became “Emmanuel – God with us”. Reduce speed to a stroll and get into step with God.

Running on empty is dangerous! It is time to reduce speed and to get into tune with God, family and friends.

May you experience God in a special way during this festive season. May you be able to slow down and allow yourself to take a stroll with God as we celebrate His presence with and in us.

We will enjoy our holiday at home and start normal activities on 7 January 2019.

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