The past month we continued reading from “Capacity: The ability to receive, absorb, contain and reflect more of Christ in a season of harvest” ( A publication of Incontext Ministries International: ) We were challenged by the premise of the book that the single biggest obstacle to building capacity is selective learning; a false teachability that only accepts the teachings of those we agree with – or should we say those who agree with us. We mostly learn on a horizontal level where our uncertainties are never exposed, our fallacies never challenged and our opinions always confirmed. We seldom venture into a vertical process of learning where we learn from those who think differently than we do.

This was brought to our attention when we watched the DVD version of the book by Nik Ripken: The Insanity of God, dealing with the question, how believers live and thrive under severe persecution. The ability to endure in times of hardship both requires endurance and at the same time builds endurance. It is the contradistinctive nature of trials that they not only build character, but also reveal character.

The apostle Paul had to learn this lesson early on his journey when he discovered that he needs to build capacity for future endurance. Acts 9:16 And I will show him all that he must suffer for my sake.” This understanding provided the building blocks for surviving imprisonments, floggings, beatings, stonings, shipwrecks, hunger and various other trials. (2 Corinthians 11: 23-26)

We will encounter various trials and tribulations. We need to see every trial as an opportunity to expand our capacity for endurance.

Impact Stories

Petra Institute

We were able to attend the 30th birthday celebrations of Petra Institute for Children’s Ministry in White River. It was a celebration of God’s provision and favour over the past 30 years allowing Petra Institute to become a significant role player in developing leaders in the field of Children’s Ministry in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Ukraine and Russia. It was good to be able to affirm our role as associates for Petra Institute during some of the discussions we had with the leadership of the organization.

Walking with Wounded Children Training

We secured another WWWC training as Petra associates. This time the training is scheduled for 1-5 July 2019.

The organization we will be working with is “Moms for Wellington”. (Mothers for Wellington: ( )

We met the founder of this ministry when we went to introduce the training to Khula Development Group in January 2019. She was very interested but we lost contact. We managed to get her contact details in April and she invited us to come and introduce the training to her Operational Manager in May. We explained the content and training methodology and agreed that we will present the training in July.

They invited us to an open day where we could experience the work they do first hand. Their vision is: “Tend (nurture, guard, guide and fold) the flock of God that is your responsibility – willingly, eagerly and cheerfully.” (1 Peter 5:2) It is our desire to serve, equip and empower both children and parents so that they can help to bring transformation and reformation to their communities, through a process of healing hearts and developing skills.

During our visit we experienced how the personnel created an atmosphere of love. They want everyone that gets involved in their projects or partners with them to experience God’s love and in the process come to know the Father. We saw how the program they follow help:

  • To meet the basic physical needs of the children
  • To meet the spiritual needs of the children
  • To network and administrate with the community of Wellington to provide an infrastructure to such who share our common goal and vision.
  • To uplift individuals to work in their own community.
  • To heal our community from the inside out and not the outside in.

This gives us a firm foundation to present the WWWC Training. We will be training 4 ECD teachers and 4 community workers who do home visits. 4 more participants will be identified by the leadership of the organization. The children they will see during the training will be 5 & 6 year olds from the grade R classes. The organization will provide a training venue and meals for the participants. They will also arrange for 12 children to take part in the afternoon practical sessions.

Your faithful donations and monthly contributions enabled us to travel to Wellington to secure this training opportunity.

Theunis is still involved in a business coaching process, helping friends to develop a vision and plan for their business.

Personal Matters

We had a lovely evening to celebrate Magda’s birthday on the 7th of May. Almost 30 guests arrived and we prepared an “Oxtail –potjie” meal. Hardus and Zanelle’s home provided the perfect space to host our guests and we are privileged to have access to this space.

We lost some donation income due to pressure on some of our partners. We are doing our best to secure more income-generating opportunities to alleviate the shortfall and to continue to replace donation income with income from coaching and training opportunities. Please refer possible clients for business-and life coaching and training to us. 

Thank you for your continued love and support.