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Travel the road. Continue the journey. Stay the course. Doors will open. Enter as they come. Don’t force or rush. The sky is the limit…when it’s the right door at the right time.

This seems to be the message we are receiving in our spiritual journey and from other sources.

The new year is full of opportunities beckoning us to engage like this open door in the picture.  This, however, calls for discernment and patience in waiting for the right door at the right time.

It is also a process of finding meaning and purpose in our current situation, learning to value the present moment more than the past or the future.

Impact Stories

We discovered the limitations of our current network of friends and relationships in promoting Stand Firm Enterprises ( We made contact with as many as possible people in our current network and it yielded very limited opportunities to engage in income generating business and life coaching, mentoring, facilitating and teaching.

We realized that we need to be part of larger networks where we could promote our experience and skills in these areas. For this reason we work in association with Petra Institute for Children Ministry and The World needs a Father. We registered on electronic platforms giving us access to non-profit organizations working in the spheres of children and families at risk.

Recently we had personal meetings with representatives from two non-profit organizations who are very interested in equipping their volunteers with the skills offered with the Walking with Wounded Children training. It is now a matter for them to find the funds for the training and suitable dates. Theunis is also involved in a business coaching role of 6 sessions, helping friends to plot a road map for the next phase for their business.

We realized that we are now responsible for the whole chain – from promotion to training to follow-up. Our passion is in delivering the training and the follow-up. The marketing of our services remain a huge challenge and we know it will take some time to invest in the networks and new relationships before we can expect to see breakthroughs.

We are focussed on the current services we can offer, but we are open to explore new avenues to avail our skills and experience. In this way we are partnering with Theunis’ brother Louwrens and his wife Gerda to present retreats focussing on the “Art of Reflective Living”. ( Theunis is also partnering with a former colleague to develop a unique value proposition for organisations, ministries and networks within the Non-Profit and Ministry Environments.

In all of this we remain mindful of the challenge to value the present moment knowing that God has made us what we are. He has created us in Christ Jesus to live lives filled with good works that he has prepared for us to do. (Eph. 2:10)

Who knows what else lies behind that door!

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