Since our experience in August 2012, when we were denied entry into Turkey, a storm was unleashed in our lives. At first the storm was focused on battling with the logistical and personal effects it had on our circumstances and life in general. With time the storm on the outside settled, but it moved into Theunis’ heart. During the past seven years he struggled with feelings of anger, frustration and disappointment over everything that happened. Every new disappointment brought new feelings of anger and frustration. It also affected his relationship with God, many times feeling like the discontented older brother in the Father’s house (Luke 15). He had different counselling interventions and with time things started to get better. The last relationship that needed to be fully restored was his relationship with God.

Three weeks ago we were invited to take part in a Prayer Counselling process and during that time God used the story of “Jesus calming the storm” to minister to Theunis and to calm the storm in his heart. We are grateful for this breakthrough.

Impact Stories

We had to postpone the “Art of Reflective Living”- retreat we planned with Louwrens and Gerda. We have not given up on the idea, so watch this space.

Theunis was asked to help long-time friends with some business coaching. It is a good challenge to practice his coaching skills and a privilege to journey with our friends from “stuckness to hope”.

Theunis was part of the facilitation team training 10 new Master Mentors in the “World needs a Father” material. The dream is that these Mentors should train trainers in the DAD’s TALK workshop and that the trainers will present the workshop to men in different communities. Fatherlessness is a big issue in our society and the “World needs a Father” movement is addressing this problem all over the world.

One of the organizations we visited in January 2019 to promote the “Walking with Wounded Children” – training, invited us to come and train 10-12 volunteers who work daily with traumatised children in their community. This training will be presented from 11-15 March in Paarl at the offices of the organization. This is a major breakthrough for us and we trust that this training will set a benchmark that will become a reference point to promote this training to similar organizations.

For the 1st time since we started Stand Firm Enterprises we are generating income through the business coaching and training we have on offer. We are grateful for this development. As soon as this becomes a sustainable flow of income we will communicate with all our financial ministry partners to stop regular donations. We trust that this can happen towards the end of 2019.

On the 7th of March 2019 we have an appointment with the leadership team of a network representing 90 organizations working with vulnerable women and children in the Cape Peninsula. We hope that we will be able to add value to volunteers working for these organizations through the “World needs a Father” –workshops and the “Walking with Wounded Children” Training.

Personal Matters

We are grateful that our children are doing well in their own right. It is also going well with Magda’s parents and Theunis’ mother.

 Thank you for your continued love and support.

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