The past four months we have experienced the presence, protection and provision of our Lord in so many ways.

We are still all healthy and covid free! We do not take this for granted and try our best to adhere to the health and behavioral protocols protecting us from one another.

We started the year with the knowledge that we have three days a week to fill with income-generating events and we did not have any leads to follow.

But God, opened a door for Theunis to work three days a week for a small business enterprise, The Sales Clinic. They are the supplier of the Beautiful Aroma range of products ( Theunis was appointed as an independent consultant rendering his services as office manager which means that he does any and everything they need him to do. We see this as a lifeline to fill the extra time he had in a meaningful way, whilst gaining experience in a small business environment. It also provides some needed income on a regular basis.

We are able to continue with the Stand Firm platform. Theunis was asked to help with strengths-coaching and he coached 2 executives for 3 sessions each. This was valuable experience for him and it was a good source of additional income.

We were also able to present “Trauma Awareness” training to 47 ECD teachers and volunteers working with Inceba Trust in Wellington. This was the first in person training for almost a year and we enjoyed the opportunity to facilitate the material once again. This was a group of Xhosa ladies but we could present the training in English. We realized the big need to train Xhosa-speaking trainers that can facilitate this material in Xhosa and this is one of our goals to identify Xhosa speaking leaders that can become facilitators.

In May, we will present the same “Trauma Awareness” training to a Afrikaans speaking group of ECD teachers and volunteers working with Inceba Trust.

Last year, Magda did some work for Phisantekraal Center for Development, assessing Frail Care Nursing Assistants during their practical evaluation. They have now asked Magda to help with the practical training and evaluation of a new group of Frail Care Nursing Assistant trainees. Magda will render her services for three months from May to August 2021. She will be paid an hourly rate for her services. She does not have to register as a nursing sister and she will not be involved in any direct patient care. She is looking forward to add value to the practical training of these assistants.

Thank you for your continued love and support.