Change can bring Anxiety and Fear into your life:

Anxiety does not have an object. We are anxious when we uncertain about an outcome or when we do not know what will happen next. It is normal to be concerned because it shows that we care. It is a problem when your anxiety becomes out of proportion with the actual problem.

Fear is our natural response when our physical or psychological safety are threatened. Fear always has an object and the object must be present and potent – perceived to put us in immediate danger.

How can we deal with:


  • Present?

      Fact or Imagination?

  • Potent?

      Fact or Assumption?

  • Irrational Fears:

      Analyse your fear:

                When did you first became aware? What was the circumstances?

Determine in advance what your reaction will be when you are confronted with the same fear object in the future.

Follow through with your plan!


Example of FEAR / ANXIETY in action:


You find a snake in your garden. You fear for your life but are paralyzed in the moment. The gardener came and handle the snake like a rubber toy because it is not poisonous at all. Was the threat Present? Was it Potent?


Due to lock down I have been out of the classroom so long that I don’t feel confident to return at all! How will I connect with the learners? Will I be able to teach with all the new rules about social distancing and sanitizing?

•              State the Problem

•              Divide the Facts from the Assumptions

•              Determine your responsibility / What is in your control?

•              Fulfil your responsibility / Take control!

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Are you dealing with FEARS or ANXIETIES in your business or personal life?

FEAR = Present and Potent (dangerous)

ANXIETY = Uncertainty out of proportion with the actual problem

In case of a FEAR: How will you deal with a FEAR?

Is the fear rational or based on a lie(s)? If it is based on a lie(s) the Fear seize to exist because it is not present and / or potent.

If not get out of Danger!

In case of an ANXIETY: How will you deal with an ANXIETY

  • Can you state the problem clearly?
  • Can you distinguish between the facts and the assumptions?
  • Have you determined your responsibility? What is in your control?
  • Fulfil your responsibility
  • What kind of challenge is COVID 19 posing to your business or personal life? FEAR or ANXIETY?

NOW, Deal with it!