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The past month has been a journey through unchartered waters. We were able to define the vision, mission and services that Stand Firm Enterprises would offer. This was packaged in brochures, flyers, on Facebook and on this website. We soon realized that our biggest challenge is to create awareness around our new platform and that we have to get out and see people, telling them that we are back in Cape Town and willing to serve our community in various ways.

Part of July was school holiday and in trying to get appointments with people in our network of relationships we realized how a school holiday has an impact on the availability of people. It was only towards the end of July that we were able to get some good conversations with people from different communities and various walks of life.

Impact Stories

In January 2018, two staff members of an Afrikaans-speaking primary school in Fish Hoek attended a Walking with Wounded Children Workshop presented in Noordhoek.

This gave birth to a relationship with the head master of the school and an invitation to address the full staff complement on the “Effect of Trauma in the school environment”.

On the 26th of July, Magda, my brother Louwrens and I visited the school and facilitated a discussion on the topic. We realized the following as a result of the discussion:

  1. Traumatic incidents have a detrimental effect on learners and teachers, and that there are not enough support to learners or teachers to deal with the effect of trauma.
  2. Many Teachers do not have the knowledge to identify the symptoms of trauma in the classroom environment.
  3. Many Teachers do not have the basic skills to support learners who experience trauma symptoms.
  4. The specific school does not have a network of professional service providers to help them to deal with serious cases of trauma.

Trauma can lead to a negative effect on the cognitive and academic ability of a child preventing their development and performance. Dealing with the effects of trauma in children can also influence the ability of the teachers to create a conducive learning environment that lead to stress that needs to be dealt with regularly.

There are no quick fixes but we belief that presenting the Walking with Wounded Children material to the full staff complement at this primary school can help to create a trauma-sensitive environment for learners and Teachers and a culture of safety, trust and co-operation between all stakeholders.

We prepared a proposal to this effect and are now waiting for feedback from the head master.


The dates have been set and the tickets bought for the next stage of Project Restoration with Incontext Ministries International. Like last year Theunis and his brother Louwrens will travel to the Northern parts of Uganda to help leaders from South Sudan, living as refugees in Uganda, to cope with trauma in order for them to help others too.

Theunis will be away from 24 August – 12 September. He will also mentor the Kingfisher Mobilizing team in Kampala from 9-11 September.

This video clip was prepared by Inkontext Ministries International and gives a glimpse into the purpose of the project:

Our visa applications have been submitted and we are now waiting on confirmation.

Personal Matters

We found a new faith community where we want to settle. Joshua Generation, meeting on Sunday mornings at Stellenberg High School, has a strong emphasis on Biblical Teaching, Pastoral Accountability and Disciple-making exercised through weekly community group meetings. We are now in the process of settling into a weekly community group.

We have decided to rent our house out. Hardus and Zanelle bought a home in Welgemoed, Bellville and they invited us to move to a 1-bedroom flat under the main house towards the end of October.

We have also decided to put our 2007 Hyundai Getz 1.4 up for sale.

These measures will help to ease the financial pressure we encountered since our move back to Cape Town.

Thank you for your continued love and support.

We covet your prayers and would like to hear from you, so that we can pray for you too.


Theunis & Magda

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